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Australia – The fun is over, now it’s time to work! (UPDATE)

I have been in Australia for 3 months nearly and to be honest I’ve been too busy living to write.

When I started this blog, part of it was something to do when I was alone. I figured it would be inevitable that as a solo traveller I would find my self alone for days on end with no one to hang out with, and something creative – like a blog – will take my mind off my loneliness and make me feel better bout my self. Turns out I made a load of friends and they were more interesting than locking my self away in my Hostel room transfixed on my laptop… that’s not to say I haven’t indulged in a little Netflix from time to time, but I’m not here to change who I am as a person!


I have been on a 4000KM road trip around Queensland when my sister, Jess came to visit. I have seen every animal you want to see in Aus, thankfully I haven’t come face to face with a poisonous snake or had to wrestle a wild Dingo, and I hope it stays that way. I have explored Sydney, seen waterfalls, walked on the most beautiful beaches, swam in the clearest lakes you have ever seen. Hiked through the oldest rainforest in the world and swam around the largest living structure known to man. I have lived in a hostel for more than 3 days (it was more like 3 weeks) and made my self a family of misfits there.


I know that last one doesn’t sound like much of an achievement, but when you are moving on so much and every second day you are in a new hostel, you have to leave these cool people you have just met. So staying somewhere for a few weeks and actually making friends who you can hangout with and have some inside jokes with, this is something my life had been lacking. but more about my adventures in QLD in a later post.

So after all the fun and games, it was time to get a job. So after a lot of hunting, and not many jobs, my self and Fran (A German backpacker who I met the week before) decided to catch a plane from Cairns in the north east (QLD) to Perth in the south west (WA) and managed to find ourselves a job on a chicken farm picking eggs! If you have ever read any stories of backpackers doing farm work in Australia you will know this is far from a bad job, in fact, we did pretty well to score this one!


So I buy my self a nice (old, but still nice) 4×4, a Nissan Patrol for those who know, and we drive up to Kalbarri. This sleepy little town is a tourist spot for the whole of WA, now it’s winter so all the Grey Nomads are here in their caravans from the south, Which I am loving! Every time I go sit by the beach I end up having a conversation with ‘Dave and Margaret’ about their travels in the van, every time there is the offer of a beer and a jar full of nuts, which is fine by me. In the school holidays will be full of kids playing in the sand and families in the pub.

But now I am settled in this small town. Karl Pilkington once said, I would rather live in a hole and look at a palace than live in a palace looking at a hole. Well this is no palace, but it’s also not the usual hole that backpackers working accommodation can be. we have a bedroom each, no dorm rooms, there is just the two of us sharing the kitchen and living room, even a patio with BBQ and our very own parking spaces!


Days off are spent skating down to the beach, watching the surfers take on 20 ft waves, hiking along the coastal cliffs, failing to fish from the river in town and now I have a little more free time, hopefully writing a little more on this blog!


One thought on “Australia – The fun is over, now it’s time to work! (UPDATE)

  1. Sounds great, glad you’ve landed a job and have had such a great first few months there. I’m landing in Melbourne at the end of this month. Any chance you’re headed that way too at any point? I’ll be there for about 6 months. At some point in that time I might nip over to Perth as I have a mate there, we should rendezvous and go on that camping trip we talked about. Hope you’re well! ?

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