Hi I’m George

Photographer, Traveler, Drummer and all round top bloke (said one person, one time).

A photographer from Lincolnshire, UK, with a passion for lifestyle, portrait and product photography.

My love for photography started with music, I bought a DSLR to film music videos for my band. Once people saw my work this evolved and it wasn’t long before I was getting requests to shoot live bands and promo material for friends. It wasn’t until I got bit by the travelling bug that I really grew as a photographer. Before I knew it I was drawn towards shots with fascinating shapes and angles, foreign architecture, landscapes or wonders I hadn’t even dreamt of. This gave me a new passion for the art and started I started experimenting with portraits. After 2.5 years travelling Asia and Australia, I feel I have gone a long way to mastering my craft and want to share this with customers.

Since returning to the UK I have been working with various brands, artists and models and have built up quite a portfolio. My focus has been on offering companies services which give them as much creative control as they would like and delivering a split of high quality product photography for use on websites or in catalogues and intriguing lifestyle shots that can be used for content in adverts or on social media.

Like anyone successful I am sure you have poured your heart and soul into creating your business and that you provide excellent products and services. If word of mouth and your reputation alone is enough for you I wish you all the best, but if you want content and product photography as good as what you offer I would like the opportunity to talk to you.

There’s no charge for a chat so hit me up on the contact page.